Higher Excess Could Equal Lower Convicted Driver Insurance

Having a higher Voluntary Excess on your Convicted Driver policy is a great way of lowering the price. Of course, if you do choose to have a higher excess than you usually would, it would be wise to make sure that is actually affordable. Otherwise, you may achieve the short term goal of getting a quote for auto insurance that is lower than one with a lower Excess, but you would have to find the additional money to cover the high Voluntary Excess if you have to claim on your Convicted Driver insurance in the future.

Choose Your Car Carefully to Get a Lower Quote

Insurers generally prefer the motorists they insure to drive sensible cars, with a reasonable amount of power. This means that if you’re trying to get auto insurance as a convicted driver, you’re going to want to stay away from high-powered and expensive cars. Furthermore, if the car you drive has a reputation for being driven by poor drivers such as ‘boy racers’ then you would do well to find another car to drive, as you will struggle to get a cheap insurance quote online, over the phone or in person. Of course, seeing what type of insurance policy you can get is the first step.


Just like on a regular auto insurance policy, your occupation can play a big role in whether or not you are able to get a cheap insurance quote. Of course, your occupation might not be something you can change easily, as quitting your job might make being able to pay for your Convicted Driver insurance policy even harder! However, if you are looking to change jobs soon or even start a new career or maybe a business of your own, then you should definitely look into how that would affect the price of your Convicted Driver insurance – you may even find that it lowers it.


The level of cover that you select for your Convicted Driver insurance policy may help lower the price of your insurance, and it could even make it relatively cheap. Although, it’s not always worth it, and you should always choose the level of cover that is right for you and avoid going with a level of cover just because it’s cheap. Even if you do decide to go for the lower amount of auto insurance coverage, such as Third Party Only, it’s worth asking your insurance broker what the prices would be for more coverage. Their answer may surprise you as the difference may be small.

Using Your Automobile Less Could Lower the Price of Your Convicted Driver Insurance

The amount you use your car could lower the price of your insurance policy. If you can manage to take the train to work instead of commuting in your car, and therefore reduce the number of miles you need to drive, you could find the price associated with your Convicted Driver insurance quote could be lower. However, at the opposite end of the scale, if you have to use your car for your job, therefore having business use as part of the coverage your Convicted Driver insurance policy affords you, then you may not be too pleased with your price.


When taking out an auto insurance policy such as Convicted Driver cover, there are many ways you will be able to lower the quotes you receive. Of course, some of the examples we have discussed above may not always be feasible, and the best way to lower the price of your Convicted Driver insurance is to do your own research. This can include discussing quotes with an insurance broker that knows their way around Convicted Driver insurance.